Building Permit Information 

​  The City is guided by Ordinance 7 of Lakeview Heights which is the Zoning              and Building Ordinance.  This Ordinance is enacted under the provisions of                Kentucky Revised Statutes, Chapter 100, Sections 100.113-100.221 and all                applicable amendments thereto. 

Please review this ordinance, specifically Chapter 12 (all sections, specifically              Section 2 subsection 1)  A permit is required to be issued by the building inspector,    that is appointed by the board of commissioners, before any construction can            begin.  The City of Lakeview Heights has a memorandum of agreement with the        City of Maysville, KY for the use of their building inspector.  No other building        inspectors may be used, hired or perform any inspections unless legally contracted    through the City of Lakeview Heights. 

  If you are looking to construct an addition, in-ground pool, deck, accessory/              storage building (10x12 max size) or any other structure, please contact the city        building at 385 Circle Drive or call 606.780.7613 and leave a message with your        name and telephone number so we can work on a permit application with you.

 To speak to the Building Official/ Inspector, please contact

  Jim Fawcett
  216 Bridge Street
  Maysville, KY  40351