If you are new to our City or have plans to move to the area, we hope you find our   site  useful in letting you know a little about us.
 We live in a nice secluded area, located just minutes from Morehead, KY, Cave Run   Lake,  and Interstate 64.  We have good neighbors and a friendly community.  Residents can  walk or jog without regard to busy traffic.  Families can enjoy   our community park, join us in the Annual Easter Egg Hunt or at one of the events   we have at the Robert Stivers Community Building.

 The City of Lakeview Heights is a home-rule city and is governed by an elected   Mayor and Commission.  The Commission meets monthly and meetings are open to   the public.  There are building, zoning and other ordinances in place to enhance   the City and protect  your property and its value, as well as the daily living of all our   residents.  We are always  open to suggestions from residents interested in   improving our city.

 I hope you will review the other pages on the site and watch for new information.  Feel free to contact me anytime.

Sam Mason, Mayor